Academics: Vaccines are a safe and effective solution to control “Covid 19” – UAE – news and reports


Academics stressed the importance of obtaining vaccines against the “Covid 19” virus, and its active role in enhancing the body’s immunity to avoid possible complications of the disease, especially for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, noting that vaccines are one of the best safe and effective solutions to control the pandemic, and prevent the spread of the virus among individuals the society.

Dr. Issa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, stressed the importance of the largest possible number of society getting the vaccine, to achieve the sufficient immunity required to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dr. Al Bastaki praised the efforts of the UAE, which attached special importance to the issue of vaccination and was one of the first countries to rely on vaccines to protect members of society and control the disease, and made it available to citizens and residents on its land, with the aim of protecting individuals and segments of society from any dangers they may be exposed to due to infection with the Covid 19 virus. .

He stressed that obtaining anti-Coronavirus vaccines is the best embodiment of the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” as it helps to develop the body’s immunity against the virus without causing disease, noting that mandatory immunization vaccines have contributed to the elimination of several diseases, such as paralysis. Children and smallpox, and succeeded in preventing other diseases, such as tetanus, and thus, vaccines saved millions of lives in the twentieth century, and humanity is still reaping its benefits today.

Activate the immune system

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al Shamsi, Director of the British University in Dubai, says: It is necessary to obtain the anti-Coronavirus vaccine to contribute to limiting the spread of infection, noting that some minor side effects that the vaccine may sometimes cause, are not dangerous and do not compare to the pain and dangers that infection may cause. The virus that vaccines help prevent.

He pointed out the importance of the need for senior citizens to receive the vaccine against Corona to help protect everyone, activate the immune system and avoid the risk of new infections.

positive atmosphere

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Ismail Al-Zarouni, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Rochester University of Technology in Dubai, points out the need not to pay attention to rumors circulated through social media that reduce the effect of the vaccine, warn of its dangers, and reduce the state of anxiety and tension that drives people, especially Senior citizens to stay away from the opportunity to get the vaccine, even though they are among the most priority and necessary groups to get the vaccine to protect them from any complications or health risks.

He said: It is necessary to spread a positive atmosphere among senior citizens and motivate them to protect themselves from the epidemic, and to clarify the consequences and dangers of the disease in the event of not obtaining the vaccine, and that the infection is more dangerous than obtaining the treated medical vaccine, which has undergone many studies and medical research, and to rely on hadith The Holy Prophet ((be wise and trust)), with the need to present positive examples before them of those who rushed to get the vaccine



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