Abu Thaneen: Saudi Arabia has activated a comprehensive emergency plan to confront Corona – Saudi News


The Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Dr. Abdullah Abuthin, head of the Kingdom’s delegation participating in the International Labor Conference during its 109th session, held via video communication technology, confirmed that the Saudi government is one of the first countries that sensed the seriousness of this epidemic and implemented a comprehensive emergency plan to confront the virus and its repercussions, and thus took several measures. Decisions that contributed to limiting its spread, placing the safety of citizens and residents on its lands a top priority.In his speech during the plenary session of the conference, he praised the choice of those responsible for the topic of work in the time of Covid-19, noting that this crisis required all countries in the world to work to confront it at all levels.

He pointed out that the Kingdom supported global efforts to address this pandemic with $500 million during its presidency of the Group of Twenty last year, referring to the labor market strategy emanating from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development last year, pointing to its contribution to attracting local and global capabilities to the market. Saudi work.

He explained that this strategy will make fundamental reforms to the labor market, and launched several initiatives and programs aimed at improving the work environment, including the initiative to improve the contractual relationship and a number of initiatives and programs supporting it, such as the documentation and digitization program for work contracts, the wage protection program, and the launch of the electronic friendly settlement service for labor disputes. The Kingdom also aimed to empower women in social and economic development and increase their participation in the labor market.

Dr. Abdullah Abu Thanin indicated that the Kingdom recently deposited with the Director of the Organization the document of official ratification of the Forced Labor Protocol for the year 2014 as an extension to ensure the protection of workers’ rights and the development and improvement of their working and living conditions.


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