Abu Faour to Al-Anbaa: Communications are almost frozen, and the fate of the citizen depends on the ongoing conflicts!


In the face of this reality and the political stalemate, a member of the Democratic Gathering bloc, MP Wael Abu Faour, pointed out that the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, made all possible concessions and strived to facilitate the formation of the government and called on others to make concessions as well, explaining that the “progressive” as in All of its history adopts the demands of the citizens, and therefore it calls for a government to rescue, and this is a demand that no other demand can surpass at this stage.However, Abu Faour indicated in an interview with the electronic newspaper “al-Anbaa” that “in light of the existing reality, there has been no progress in the negotiations to form the government since the meetings that were held last week, and contacts are almost frozen, and therefore, the fate of the Lebanese citizen depends on the ongoing conflicts, and he will not be patient for long This daily humiliation that he experiences in his medicine, hospitalization, eating and basic life requirements, and he is no longer concerned with distinguishing between one political opinion and another.

Abu Faour considered that “the discussion about the government no longer falls within the scope of politics, but rather falls within the scope of moral responsibility towards the Lebanese.” He believed that the horizon was blocked, and therefore warned against “the trend is towards more collapses and problems, and then the level of resentment will rise.”

Abu Faour feared “reaching a complete vacuum and the collapse of constitutional institutions little by little,” warning that “then the forces will turn to self-regional plans and measures, and thus chaos will spread.”


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