Abu Fadel tweets about “Al-Khamis”: The summit of political immorality


Political analyst Joseph Abu Fadel tweeted: “Lebanon is witnessing a comprehensive strike on Thursday in response to the call of the General Labor Union, and we had warned the authority against its systematic destruction of institutions 3 years ago and a year and a half ago it left them permanently.
The danger is that parties announce their participation, as the government has fallen. So who needs to drop it yet?
Either the formation of a government or chaos and security chaos.”

He added, “Also, what is remarkable about ‘Thursday’ is the general strike in which workers, people with limited income, the middle class and the oppressed from the corrupt political authority in Lebanon are supposed to participate, and not the parties in power, as it is correct to say:
Power parties demonstrate against power!
By God, good group, this is the summit of political immorality and people’s arrogance.”


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