Abeer Nehme launches “Baybaky Nas”: Very happy


Today, Friday, the artist, Abeer Nehme, released her latest album, entitled “Baybaky Nas”, produced and distributed by “Universal Music MENA” through all international music applications.

Abeer Nehme revealed that the album “Bebeki Nass” includes eight songs that vary between the style of oriental, western and classical music, in addition to pop. From the words of Germanos Germanos, composed by Joseph Khalife, distributed by George Kassis and “Flo” by the words of Ghassan Matar, composed by Abeer Nehme, distributed by Tarek Skeiker and “Babeka Nass” from the words, melodies and distribution of Rayan Al-Haber, in addition to new songs heard by the audience for the first time, which are “Qudish Bahbek” from Lyrics and melodies by Marwan Khoury, arranged by George Kassis, “I said you will return” from the words of Fadi Al-Rai, composed by Elie Nehme, arranged by George Kassis, “Muhtara” by the words of Ghassan Matar, composed by Elie Nehme, arranged by Tarek Skiker and “Wahna Sawa” from the words of Germanos Germanos, composed by Abeer Nehme and distribution. Mark Abu Naoum.

Regarding the album “Babeq Nass”, Nehme said, “I am very happy to release my second album with the company “Universal Music MENA.” Together, we sought to make this album a great diversity in terms of songs and topics.”

And she continued, “I am in constant challenge with myself to present everything that is new, especially since music has no limits. I wanted my second album to carry motivational messages, calls for optimism, and a lot of positive energy that we all desperately need.”

And she added, “I chose the songs for this album in several stages until the identity and story of each song became clear, and they range from romantic, rhythmic, patriotic and human. In short, the songs of the album “Baybaky Nas” are different from each other, but at the same time they have one soul and there is great homogeneity between them.”

An indication that Abeer Nehme finished filming the song “Qudish Bahbak” as a video clip under the direction of director Elie Fahd, and she will soon appear in this clip in a new and different way.


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