Abdullah Al-Ariani: The rise of the podiums in Tokyo is my top priority – the athlete – all games


Emirati shooter Abdullah Al-Ariani, who won the four Paralympic medals in London and Rio de Janeiro, confirmed that he is currently in the penultimate preparation stage to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games scheduled for next August.

Al-Ariani pointed out that he is entering the tournament with the aim of ascending the podiums and raising the state flag on the highest sports podium in the world, noting that he and his fellow qualified Saif Muhammad Al-Nuaimi and Abdullah Saif Al-Ariani are currently training 4-5 hours a day, who are also training under him in the Al Ain Equestrian Club field.

And he said in his statements to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”: “The last world championship, which was held in Al Ain last March, was an ideal opportunity to assess our level, and we thank God that our level was not affected much by the pause period against the background of the Corona pandemic, as we appeared well in the competitions, and our numbers It proved that we are on the way to the best, but a large number of world-ranked players did not attend the World Championship in Al Ain, and therefore we do not know much about them, nor about those who may have emerged in the last stage and their level has developed remarkably in the last two years and we did not have the opportunity To face them, and for that, the competition in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo will not be easy, and it will bring many surprises.”

He added: “From the good news for the Emirati shooting sport that we recently received before the Tokyo finals, the Emirati shooter, Aisha Al Balushi, qualified, bringing our number to 4 qualified. And the highest level right before the tournament, because shooting is one of the sports that are affected by the psychological state and mood of the shooter, and we do not want to exhaust our energy in training now, and regarding the final stage of preparation, it will start after two weeks, during which we enter a closed camp for 3 weeks in the city of Al-Ain as well, and we will travel after it. straight to Tokyo.

Regarding the competitions in which he will participate in Tokyo, Al-Ariani says: “4 categories I will participate in are 10 meters standing, 10 meters lying 60 shots, 50 meters standing, anchoring and lying down, and 50 meters 60 prone shots. He will participate in the 50-meter categories, 3 positions and lying down, while Saif Al-Nuaimi will participate in the 10-meter reclining and 50-meter lying categories, while Aisha Al-Muhairi will participate in the 10-meter R4 standing category.

And about his expectations for himself and his two colleagues, Saif and Sultan, in light of the preparations, he says: “Shooting is difficult to predict because it depends on the player’s condition at the time of shooting, the weather, and the size of concentration, but we have great confidence in ourselves because we have been working and working hard for a long time, and I have already been crowned at this level with 4 Medals, and Saif Al-Naimi previously won gold at the World Championships in Croatia 10m recumbent in 2017.”

Regarding his career as a player and coach for Al Ain team, Al-Ariani says: “I founded the team 12 years ago, and I train and supervise it technically under the management of the UAE Paralympic Committee headed by His Excellency Mohammed Mohammed Fadel Al Hamli, which provides us with the required support, and we enjoy close follow-up from the Committee’s Secretary-General, Thiban Al Muhairi, and I am proud With my achievements, especially in the Paralympic Games, and although the London 2012 gold is the most important historical achievement I achieved, the 3 silvers I achieved in Rio de Janeiro 2016 are among the most glorious moments of my life with archery, and the goal of establishing the training academy in Al Ain is to ensure the continuity of generations and sustainability victories and achievements.

Regarding the dates of travel to Tokyo and all other details, Abdullah Al-Ariani says: “We are currently waiting for the latest update on the session from Tokyo, which will be issued next Friday, and in light of it, we will determine the dates of travel and the medical protocol, and everything related to the championship and competitions.”



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