A video of the latest appearance of Amal Abbas after her long illness journey: “I cannot walk because of a medical error.”


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Amal Abbas, the able artist, reappeared on the screen after a long absence due to her long illness journey, and she was a guest on the “A Seif” program on the channel “atvIn her latest appearance after 4 years of her health crises.

The latest appearance of Amal Abbas after 4 years of her health crises

The artist, Amal Abbas, spoke in her meeting with the “A Seif” program about the details of her health condition in the current period, after a long treatment journey. The current period, because her last operation was dangerous and tantamount to life or death, and revealed that she is now sitting in a wheelchair due to a medical error she was exposed to.

Amal Abbas: I lost the ability to walk due to a medical error

Amal Abbas said that the error occurred while she was undergoing heart valve surgery, and after she suffered an internal bleeding after which she was forced to sit in a wheelchair 3 years ago, and said that the doctors told her that she would not be able to walk again, but she feels that she will be able to walk and move again, and she has A strong belief in this, and she is undergoing physiotherapy sessions in the current period and feels her foot and movement, and sees an improvement in her condition.

Amal Abbas revealed that she underwent the first operation to install a heart battery in 2017, and in 2018 she underwent a heart valve operation in India, a process in which the medical error occurred, and Amal Abbas reassured the public about her health condition in the current period, and revealed that her doctor advised her not to Obtaining a vaccine for the Corona virus, due to the fact that she took a liquid medicine and installed a battery in the heart and valve, and it is feared for her condition from the vaccine

Amal Abbas sends a message to the artistic community after overcoming her health crisis

Amal Abbas said in her statements that she excused everyone from not asking about her during her illness, and indicated that she had put herself in the place of others, so she excused them, and said that a number of stars were constantly communicating with her to check on her health, after she blamed her fellow artists 3 years ago for not asking. About her health, Amal Abbas worried the public over the past years due to the deterioration of her health and the fact that she underwent more than one surgery during that period.

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