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Yesterday, we got the first exciting moments of “E3”, which are often shouted and thrown into the halls, yes and indeed, it was a fact and not a fantasy, the From Software team officially revealed The most awaited gameplay showcasing: Elden Ring During the Summer Game Fest event, which started the activities of the first day of E3 2021 with enthusiasm, but a lot of information appeared about Elden Ring immediately after the end of the event, and we also got a press release in which we share everything new about it.

If you still can’t believe it, here’s the official demo of the game Elden Ring Below, it is finally released on January 21, 2022 and for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC with PS4 and Xbox One, and let’s go into the details.

An epic return to dark fantasy with George RR Martin and Miyazaki!

The Elden Ring presents a story of the type of black fantasy in a huge world in which you will have to become the Great Lord by obtaining the Elden Ring to restore stability to the earth after the destruction of the Golden Community.

In the middle lands ruled by the eternal Queen Marika, the unthinkable happened as the source of the Erdtree tree, the Elden Ring, was destroyed, the sons of Marika unfortunately captured the shards of the Elden Ring known as the Great Runes to spark the biggest war: The Shattering. After that, the middle lands were corrupt and here comes your role in the game, which requires you to return to those lands, get the Elden Ring to become the great sage and restore stability.

Of course, the details, as you can see, are scarce and incomprehensible about the story itself, but what we can mention are the statements of Mr. Miyazaki, the creator of the most wonderful and famous series: Dark Souls, along with the great author: George R. R. Martin, for the well-known A Song of Ice and Fire series, from which the Game of Thrones series is based. The most famous for that this game is the most ambitious for them, as it will present a mixture of fantasy, drama, and mystery factors in one distinctive mold that will completely change the type of Souls games..!(Swipe to see all pictures)

The Elden Ring universe is the largest in From Software’s history!

Perhaps the above presentation has indirectly focused on that point, as we saw in many scenes how the world of Elden Ring looks vast, containing many different environments as well, but we can already confirm that this game is the most ambitious and huge annotation in the history of From Software studio and of course the largest From the Dark Souls series.

The world of Elden Ring is linked together as a single block, giving you as a player a more seamless experience. Although the world is divided into environments, they are not considered stages in themselves as much as they are considered threads in a single fabric, and the press release says that this is represented in the Dungeons factor that will be linked together or another.

The game offers many natural environments that Souls players will love accordingly, ranging from suffocating swamps, towering mountains, castles and fortresses, vast green spaces and dense forests, and according to the press release, the environment standards are the largest in the history of all From Software games. (Swipe to see all pictures)

For the first time, you can travel using a horse and the game supports playing with 4 players!

As you also noticed in the show itself, you can travel across this vast world either by dismounting or by using your horse, which will help you in the fight as it seems a lot for the first time in the history of this studio, Elden Ring also supports cooperative play with friends from one to four players, meaning that It has an online slot, but details about it are very scarce.

You can create your own character and choose how you play with an emphasis on the action RPG factor!

Yes, in Elden Ring, you can create the character that suits your way of playing. RPG mods and action factors play a pivotal role in helping the player to take the most appropriate way to play. The game offers many weapons, magical abilities and skills spread throughout the world of Elden Ring that will motivate players They should explore more as well as encourage them to approach the game in more than one form and image.

You will be the master of your decision and choose the path that you want to engage in even while exploring the vast world, you will be the one who will decide to play purely combative against merciless opponents or use stealth when needed with the new fighting systems offered by the game to be able to stand in front of the constant challenges. (Swipe to see all pictures)

Elden Ring will introduce NPCs and characters with a strong story background!

We can expect that, of course, since we are talking about a project in which Miyazaki and George RR Martin are collaborating, but take this as a confirmation that Elden Ring will introduce many characters who will carry with it different deep motives, each with a strong and rich story background, the truth and the sweetest of them is that they will help you In your progress and some of them will be keen to stop you no matter what. (Swipe to see all pictures)

Dynamic day and night sequence!

The game offers a dynamic weather system with day and night sequences throughout your journey which will undoubtedly enhance the realism of the experience.

Free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X!

Some of the positive points are that the game already supports a free upgrade for all new generation consoles either via Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X or through a free pass-through upgrade for PS5 for everyone who owns a PS4 or Xbox One copy of the game.

So, those were all the new details about Elden Ring, let us know what you think and your enthusiasm!

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