A third of the world’s population received a dose of the Corona vaccine


The total number of coronavirus infections has reached 173 millionThe death toll is close to 4 million

Aggregated data showed that the total number of coronavirus infections around the world rose to about 173 million as of Sunday morning, while the number of vaccine doses given around the world approached 2.1 billion doses.

The latest data available on the American “Johns Hopkins University” website, at 0730 GMT, showed that the total number of injuries reached 172 million and 989 thousand cases.

The data also showed that the total deaths rose to three million and 721 thousand cases.

With regard to the administration of vaccines, the collected data for “Bloomberg” news agency revealed that about two billion and 99 million doses of anti-viral vaccines were given around the world.

The United States leads the world in terms of the number of infections, followed by India, then Brazil, France, Turkey, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Iran, Poland and Mexico.

China leads the world in terms of the number of doses given, followed by the United States, the European Union, India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and Canada. The number of doses administered does not reflect the proportion of vaccinated people in the population, given the countries’ variation in population.

It should be noted that there are a number of agencies that provide aggregate data on Corona around the world, and there may be some differences between them.


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