A sudden position for Hariri in the coming days… What’s the story?


Sa'ad Al Hariri

While there are no positive indicators suggesting the imminence of government formation among the rams taking place between Baabd and the House of the Center, a member of the Future Bloc, MP Assem Araji, said that “there is no possibility to form a government under the conditions imposed on Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri,” expecting a surprising position for Hariri in the coming days.

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Araji asked, via the “electronic news” newspaper, “How can Hariri form a government at a time when the blocking team is still insisting not to deal with Hariri?” This means that his role will be tied and he refuses to do so, while the country continues to sink into the abyss.” He said: “After this crisis, no political figure can form a government without the approval of the international community, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states,” fearing that “Lebanon will go into a major crisis after losing most types of medicine while smuggling is in full swing, especially wheat, flour and diesel.”


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