A study confirms… Corona’s problems do not end after injury


About a quarter of people who have been infected face يواجه with covid-19After a month or more of health problems they had not experienced before they got sick, according to a large study that analyzed medical data from two million Americans who contracted the virus.

This is the largest study ever conducted on the long-term effects of the disease, according to Fair Health, an independent organization that collected information from health insurance companies.

It analyzed data about 1,960 million people diagnosed with an epidemic COVID-19 Between February and December 2020.

Despite the recovery, there are symptoms

The study revealed that although many people who were infected recovered within weeks, some developed persistent or new symptoms more than four weeks after being diagnosed.

She also indicated that the two main health problems were neural and muscle pain in 5% of people, and difficulty breathing in 3.5%.

This was followed by a high concentration of fats in the blood, high blood pressure, malaise, extreme fatigue, anxiety, and then intestinal problems.

Corona Virus (iStock - Emoji)

Corona Virus (iStock – Emoji)

In addition, patients who reported these symptoms before contracting Covid-19 were excluded from the study, according to “Fair Health”, as well as people with diseases such as cancer and kidney failure to ensure the results of the study.

Study details

In detail, a little more than 23% of those infected received treatment a month or more after they were infected with the epidemic, for at least one of the symptoms analyzed.

And the most severe cases of COVID-19 were more likely to develop these health problems: about 50% of people hospitalized with the virus had at least one of these problems, compared to 27% of those who had symptoms of coronavirus and almost 19% of cases without symptoms.

Corona patients in India (Reuters)

Corona patients in India (Reuters)

On the other hand, 0.21% of people reported experiencing tinnitus for 30 days or more after contracting COVID-19, a problem previously reported by other studies.

Finally, among patients admitted to and discharged from hospital, 0.45% died within 30 days or more after infection. The probability of death for them was 46 times higher than for those who were not hospitalized.


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