A strong love story between Tim Hassan and Aimee shouting and Mona Wassef sad .. This is what awaits you in “Al-Hiba 5”


It was launched before filming the fifth season of the “Al-Hiba” series by Syrian actor Tim Hassan, in preparation for its presentation during the coming period.

Here are some secrets and behind the scenes filming the new season of “Al-Hiba”According to Nawaem.

Sad Mona Wassef

Mona Wassef traveled a few days ago to Lebanon in preparation for filming her first scenes within the events of the fifth and final season of “Al-Hiba”, inside the house of Sheikh al-Jabal (Tim Hassan), who is the common factor in the five parts of the series..

Mona Wassef seemed sad that her relationship with prestige had come to an end, as the work brought them together years of memories, and she saw all its members as welcome and family throughout the shooting seasons..

strong relationship

Regarding the developments of Nahed Omran’s personality, “Umm Jabal” within the events of the fifth season, a source confirmed to “Nawaem” that her character will witness strong developments within the events that will surprise the audience, but far from her relationship with her son, “Jabal”, their relationship will remain strong despite all the circumstances that she will go through within the events of the season. the new.

strong enemy

On the other hand, it was known that Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri, who joined the heroes of the fifth season of the series “Al-Hiba”, would embody the character of the strong opponent of Sheikh Al-Jabal within the events..

As for Aimee Sayah, who will be the fifth hero of the prestige heroines, the events witness a strong love story between her and Tim Hassan, but it ends with a shocking surprise to the audience..

Tim and the series’ team have been keen on all measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus infection since the beginning of filming, as the producer is keen to provide all special precautions to preserve the stars of the series.


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