A smart watch with unprecedented specifications.. Facebook challenges Apple


Facebook is preparing to enter the line of competition with Apple regarding the production and sale of smart devices that provide personal services, such as watches and others.It is expected that Facebook will launch its smart watch next summer with special specifications and features, with two camera lenses, one front and one rear, in addition to its endeavor to provide electronic services that can be worn on the eyes, ears or forearms, according to what the Exios website reported.

Nihal Krishan, a journalist specializing in technology affairs for the “Washington Examiner”, told Sky News Arabia that the investment by Facebook in this sector began in the fall of last year, expressing his belief that the biggest battle between Facebook and Apple is related to protecting privacy, as for electronic devices. Apple is the leader in this race.

Krishan added that the competition between the two companies is important, and Facebook is trying to invest in smart watches, but he stressed that it is too early to talk about any spread or success that the company can achieve in this field.Facebook is also preparing electronic products that use augmented reality technology to show data that is entered via a keyboard or mouse.

Dan Rene, CEO of K Global Communications, told Sky News Arabia, “The battle between technology companies has just begun, with a wide space for competition between them, and many of these companies see opportunities to become closely related to daily life as much as possible. possible people.”

Rene added that Facebook has a huge amount of information about a large number of people, and will try to use that data to provide devices with new features.
However, according to experts, Apple enjoys leadership in the American and global market with regard to smart watches and the health benefits they provide, and then linked them to the iPhone and its various versions, in light of talk of its preparation also for smart glasses.

And it’s not just Apple and Facebook. Google has acquired the Fitbit health watch, which has secured a place for it in the technology equipment market.
It should be noted that qualitative shifts in the world of technology usually occur every one or two decades, and the fierce competition between different companies to remove Apple from the throne of the smart device market will be more intense in the future with the entry of Facebook with its financial and informational weight on the front line.

Source: “Sky News”


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