A smart project to support the mental health of cancer patients


The Irish county of Waterford announced that its researchers collaborated with international experts in a project to help cancer patients focus on their mental and psychological health using artificial intelligence, after they were diagnosed with cancer, which may lead to depression.

The research group is collaborating with 4 other EU-funded teams to develop a pilot project that uses artificial intelligence to predict patients’ likelihood of depression, in an effort to improve their quality of life after treatment. Researchers at the Walton Institute for Information Technology will monitor cancer patients through their phones for signs of depression.

Much of the basis for the study was laid by researchers at the Walton Institute for Artificial Intelligence Solutions to monitor the state of mental health, and factors that are examined from data extracted from patients’ phone include their activity and nutrition, sleep patterns and disturbances if they occur, as well as changes in the patient’s voice.

The study is expected to reveal changes in mental health status, in order to initiate support and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their aftercare. Breast and lung cancer patients and oncologists at Waterford Hospital, which is the main testing site for the project, are participating in the study, irishexaminer reported.


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