A simple trick that can help you calm your mind before bed



Several studies say that electronic screens are not good for our sleep routine, because televisions, phones, and laptops stimulate our brains, making us more alert.

A 2019 study found that glow from TV can disrupt our internal clock and cause an imbalance in melatonin levels, which plays a key role in helping us sleep soundly. Similarly, a previous study from 2014 found that watching TV before bed leads to poor sleep quality and fatigue the next day.

To break this harmful habit, a new study recommends a simple trick that can help calm your mind after spending a while watching TV and help you fall asleep faster.

And sleep researcher Michael Scullin suggested that writing down future tasks can help you “take a load off” before bed.

According to the study published in Psychological Science, spending five to 10 minutes writing a to-do list can help people fall asleep faster.

Notably, the researchers suggest skipping TV and screen time altogether and trying writing a to-do list instead.

But for those who aren’t likely to stop their screen habits, try writing a to-do list (or similar writing task) afterward.

Sculin stresses that engaging in a cognitive activity, such as taking notes, can help make falling asleep easier. Not only does this method help you sleep, but it’s a great way to be more organized in your life as well.


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