A Scottish retiree becomes a grandmother to her great-granddaughter at the age of 86


The six generations in the family, the oldest of whom is Mary Marshall, 86, and the youngest, Naila, two weeks

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(From left to right) Tony-Lee, 17, Cheryl, 50, Mary Marshall, 86, Nyla, 2 weeks, Rose, 68, and Carrie, 35.

A retired Scottish woman became a great-grandmother with six generations still alive in her family at the same time.

This woman, Mary Marshall, is 86 and has 90 great-grandchildren, children, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

Marshall, a mother of eight from Edinburgh, has been one of the UK’s single largest families with a span of six generations.

They range from the oldest member of the family, Mary, to the youngest, Nyla Ferguson, who is just three weeks old.


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