A Saudi prince responds to “insulting him” during a program on a Saudi channel


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Prince, Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, responded to what he considered “insulting” in statements that came during an interview on a program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel.

This came in a series of tweets by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed on his official Twitter page, where he commented on a video clip from an interview titled “Dr. Al-Arfaj: Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed is the most receptive to criticism, opinion and other opinion,” saying: “The truth is that I am surprised by the Ya program. Hala and Dr. Ahmed pass the insult of Abdulaziz Al-Ghayama to me.. Perhaps he has the right to describe my opinion as an encouraging one, even though I have explained the reasons for my opinion in several tweets.. However, there is no direct offense for my opinion to be considered an encouraging opinion, but to say: any sane person would choose the three, this is an insult There is no justification for it.”

In a separate tweet, the prince said: “I say to Dr. Ahmed Salamah God: Your trust that I will re-tweet the offense that was mentioned in the program to me. I do not know where I got it from. If you did not realize that describing my opinion with an irrational opinion is offensive, you would not have made this effort to drown me.” In praise of accepting opinion, there is a difference between accepting opinion and accepting abuse, I only blame Rotana and my brother Mufreh.

In a comment on the matter, the owner of the account (Abu Ahmad _h – €₩£¥) wrote a tweet in which he said: “I do not see abuse from them, Abu Faisal.” Prince Abdul Rahman replied, saying: “The abuse is in the words of the clouds that they transmitted by saying that any sane person would choose the three, meaning Anyone who does not say that is not sane.


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