A Russian surprise .. the 5 fastest goals in the history of the Euro Championship


Throughout its history, the European Nations Cup has carried many beautiful and distinguished goals.

Today, the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020” begins with an expected confrontation between Italy and Turkey at the “Olympico” stadium, in the first group.

The following report by “Al Ain Sports” reviews the 5 fastest goals in the history of the Euro Championship.

The fastest goal.. Russian

Although Russia does not have a great history in European Nations Cup, But she has a special number, which is the fastest goal in the history of the tournament, which was scored by Dmitriy Kirishenko in the last round of the group stage of the Euro 2004 tournament that was held in Portugal.

Russia was facing defending champion Greece, and Kirchenko had been on the bench since the start of the tournament, but he entered the starting line-up in this match and scored the fastest goal after one minute and 7 seconds on June 20, 2004.

Russian player Dmitry

Two goals in one copy

The last edition of Euro 2016 was on a date with the second fastest goal in the history of the European Nations Cup, by star Robert Lewandowski.

The Bayern Munich star scored a goal after 100 seconds against Portugal during the match that ended in favor of Cristiano Ronaldo’s companions 5-3 on penalties, so that Portugal had a common denominator between the two fastest goals in the Euro, the first scored on its soil and the second in its own goal.

The last edition, hosted by France, also witnessed the third fastest goal, scored after two minutes, by Robbie Brady for the Ireland national team during his country’s match against France, the runner-up of the tournament.

Russia again

We go back to learn about the fourth fastest goal in the history of the Euro Championship, which came in the 1988 edition.

Two minutes and 7 seconds after the start of the match between England and the Soviet Union, Sergei Alenkov scored for the Soviet side, the goal to advance in the match that his team won 3-1.

Fifth fastest goal

The fifth fastest goal is the most famous fast goal, given that its recorder is Alan Shearer, the historic scorer of the English Premier League, who was the first holder of the first seat in the recently launched Premier League Hall of Fame.

Shearer scored the goal in the match between Germany and England in the semi-finals of Euro 1996, after two minutes and 14 seconds.

England star Alan Shearer

But this goal was not enough, as Germany drew and then beat England 6-5 on penalties and reached the final of the tournament and won it.

The 2012 edition witnessed the equalization of the fifth fastest goal in the history of the Euro, during the match between Greece and the Czech Republic, which was scored by Peter Jeraczek in the match that ended with the Czech victory 2-1.


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