A “revolutionary innovation” .. a new mask that dispels the risk of corona infection


The Catholic University of Spain recently demonstrated masks capable of inactivating the virus that causes SARS-CoV-2, as well as other multi-resistant viruses and bacteria.

These new “FFPCOVID MASK” are considered an “important revolutionary invention” in light of the current Corona pandemic.

These masks were created thanks to research carried out since the beginning of the pandemic by the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Bioengineering of the Catholic University, led by Professor Angel Serrano, through the development of smart filters with disruptive capabilities, which are now present in these new masks.

A new step to fight Corona

The lead author of the study, Angel Serrano, explains: “This new technology represents a step forward in protecting against corona, as the traditional masks used by the population, do not have antimicrobial capabilities, and do not prevent the virus from reaching the respiratory tract.”

“We wanted to go further and develop a mask that also has the ability to destroy the virus just by coming into contact with tissue,” Serrano adds. “We’ve also seen that our filter was effective against highly resistant bacteria that can’t be destroyed with antibiotics.”

Serrano also points out that in addition to the ability of these masks to protect individuals from various viruses, they have the ability to disrupt the work of most of the microorganisms that we expel from our mouths when speaking, as this new technology used in masks produces significantly less infectious waste.

Fighting multi-resistant bacteria

The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2050, more people are likely to die from infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria (carrying multiple genes for resistance) than from cancer, highlighting the importance of these new masks, which can protect users It is this type of bacteria, which cannot be destroyed by antibiotics and represents a major threat to the health of the world now and in the future.

“Our goal has always been to develop affordable healthcare materials to reach the entire community in this emergency situation we are living in during the past period until now,” continues Serrano.

The principal investigator concludes, “Today is a great day for our group. This was pure research work, during which we spent many hours in the lab, and the transformation of this effort into a real product that can help users stand up to the emerging pandemic is a major achievement.”

Find a production company

For his part, the head of the Scientific Research Department at the Spanish University, Francisco Artega, says that transforming the research effort into a real product required the presence of an institutional partner that supports this project, while maintaining that the price of the product is accessible to everyone, in accordance with the values ​​of social responsibility that it is committed to the University.

According to Artega, this ethical commitment was an additional challenge for the researchers, because the research team was now looking for a company to take on this new venture, and accept that the product is reasonably priced.

He continues: “The cooperation between the university and the company that produces the masks has been very fruitful. Incorporating scientific knowledge with industrial capabilities is a winning and safe bet.”

As the commercial director of the company producing the masks, Jose Soriano, explained in his intervention during the presentation, the university and the company reached an agreement to cooperate from day one, because both entities share the same idea, a product that should have been in the service of society, with the status of those who They suffered this crisis in mind, including health care workers and the entire civilian population.

Soriano added: “It has been less than three months and we have been able to start a project with a chain away from the technical complexities that have been resolved in record time. This is an achievement for the merger between universities and companies, and we are very proud of the work we have done with such a wonderful institution as the Catholic University of Valencia. “.

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