A restaurant hangs two million dollars that it is impossible to steal on its walls


(MENAFN – Akhbar Al Khaleej) A local restaurant in the US state of Florida has gained wide fame due to its unique and quirky decor idea. According to the “Odity Central” website, the Irish pub and restaurant “McGuire’s” adopted a strange idea, After he hung banknotes valued at about two million dollars on its ceiling and walls, what attracted him Many customers over the years. The idea dates back to 1977, when married couple Martin and Molly McGuire decided to open their small restaurant, and the wife received Then the first tip, which is about one dollar. It was then that the couple decided to celebrate their first tip, by signing it and hanging it using a string in the tip The ceiling of the restaurant, so that it becomes a tradition for them to hang every “ tip they get on the wall or pub roof. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune in 1999, Martin said that he and his wife… By hanging a lot of banknotes in the ceiling and walls of the 15,000-square-foot pub ( about 1400 square metres). He said that he deals with the “suspended money as belonging to the restaurant and through which it can be used.” Obtaining financial loans with their guarantee. But what makes it difficult to steal that money is the signature of the bar owners, as well as the markings It has a distinctive black mark on it, which prompts the owners of shops and stores in the city to refuse to take it from the thief. Some of them report to the police, knowing that these banknotes have been stolen from the “pub”. Irish, to pursue the thieves and return the dollars to their owners. And indeed, a funny incident occurred when a thief tried to replace the stolen green papers in a bank, but the teller He knew at once that it had been embezzled from a McQuayger restaurant, causing the thief to fart and run away. , leaving ”his stolen booty in that bank.



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