A request from video call artists… to impersonate Mohamed Attia, and the artist warns | news


Someone tried to impersonate the artist, Mohamed Attia, so that the latter moved to reveal this matter, so that one of his friends would not fall into the trap of an impersonator.

Muhammad Attia issued a statement through his account on the social networking site Instgram, in which he confirmed that an unidentified person impersonated him and communicated with more than 25 Lebanese artists.

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Attia shared in his post a picture showing the account and the phone number that communicated with the Lebanese artists, stressing that the owner of the number impersonated him, and said: “This number contains a person who impersonates me and spoke to more than 25 Lebanese actresses without specifying the identity of the Lebanese artists,” claiming that a film is being prepared. Filming it in Lebanon and it requires them to make a video call casting.”

He continued, “This person is not me, and nothing of what he says is true. If in any artwork, I will be in it. I will not communicate with the work team for the technical agreement because this is the job of the production company.”

And Mohamed Attia, recently released last February, his new song “Dances” with the help of his fiancée, writer Mirna El Helbawy, and it appeared as a dance coach who possesses supernatural abilities with which to fight the bad guys, and the singers Anthony Touma and Cynthia Karam, who accompanied him in the first season, also appeared in the song. From the program “Star Academy”, the events revolve in an action framework about a superhero who faces villains.

The song “Tarqos” is written and composed by Mohamed Attia, arranged by music, mix and master Sherif Mekkawi.

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