A report reveals 30% faster performance in AMD graphics cards with RDNA 2 architecture


revealed latest Reports Which published at Korea Southern Today About performance card the screen Featured architecturally RDNA 2 new From AMD والذي supports Processor Samsung Exynos Next From Samsung ويدعم performance Best in the rate of 30% Comparison I rolled the screen Present Mali-G78.

Submitted Samsung Processor Exynos 2100 I rolled Screen Mali-G78, and he Healer Which Foot at Telephone Galaxy S21 Ultra، And from new I started the giant Korean at Develop its next version of processors Exynos Which Come architecturally AMD What’s new in the graphics card? RDNA 2.

The graphics card architecture is RDNA 2 accurately manufacturing 2 Nanometer، Also indicate Expectations to me that Version the new From card the screen Mali-G710 Come with performance Best in the rate of 20%، So From Expected that Progress card the screen RDNA 2 at Processor Exynos Next performance Best in the rate of 10%.

Mentionsed that the report confirmed On AMD face Some problems at tests card the screen Featured architecturally RDNA 2، Where Shows suffocation at the exams، as such يRetreat the performance in the rate of 20% at the exams first، And from Then Retreat the performance in the rate of 30%.

also indicated Samsung at time formerly to me that architecture RDNA 2 new From AMD support Treatments Exynos coming technology tracking rays، With Rate shading variable، And from Expected that going off Processor Samsung Next titled Exynos 2200.


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