A rare house plant sells for $19 thousand


An auction in New Zealand for a rare houseplant with only 9 branched leaves settled at $ 19,297 on Sunday.

According to CNN, the auction heated up over the last four minutes to buy an extremely rare white Rafidophora tetrasperma.

It was “the most expensive houseplant ever sold” at the auction, a spokeswoman for Trade Me, Millie Sylvester, told the news network.

“After a raging bidding war in the last minutes of the auction, the rare plant has garnered more than 102,000 views and more than 1,600 watchlists, which show how much people love houseplants,” she said in a statement emailed to CNN.

Sylvester explained that the rare houseplants have become a staple over the past two years in terms of demand, and have seen prices rise and increase with the increase in the population that is following this new trend.


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