A rare document reveals a dialogue with Fairuz.. This is what she said about “betrayal and life”


Information about Ms. Fairouz is very little, and when anything new about her is revealed, it becomes the talk of activists


Lebanese singer Fayrouz. Source: getty

Beirut (Variety Section) – 20/06/2021 . 15:47

Fayrouz talks about life: “She bombs her life”

  • Dialogue questions with Fairuz touched on details related to the philosophy of life
  • Singer Fairuz answered various questions spontaneously

The news related to the able Lebanese artist Turquoise Very few, and when any information about them is revealed, they become the talk of social networking sites.

Recently, activists circulated a photo of an old press interview with the 85-year-old Lebanese singer.

According to Lebanese media, the rare dialogue document indicates that the questions revolve around Fairuz’s views on some personal and life matters.

At the beginning of the document, a handwritten sentence with Fairouz’s signature was written, and it said: “Life is bombarding her life… I didn’t think of anything except what you taught me.”

Among the questions asked to the able artist: “When you reach the age of seventy, what will you do?” She replied, “We have reached seventy, and we have to see.”

And another question came: “If you love a man and see him cheating on you, what will you do?” Fayrouz replied: “By bombing his life.”

Also, posed on Turquoise A question came in which: “They say that women are evil, so what is your comment on that?” She replied: “This is an intrigue invented by a man.”

A rare document reveals a dialogue with Fairuz.. This is what she said about
A photo of a document showing a rare conversation with Mrs. Fairouz. Source: Twitter


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