A quartet descended from the Arabs in the “Euro” competitions, led by Benzema | sport


The European Nations Cup “Euro 2020” will start tomorrow, Friday, which was postponed from last year due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The tournament is witnessing the presence of some players of Arab origin, in the search for European glory, perhaps the most prominent of whom is Karim Benzema, the star of the French national team and Real Madrid.

Benzema returns to the French national team, of Algerian origin, and he participated with the national team in 82 matches, scored 27 goals and made 19 others.

In his third Euro participation, Benzema aims to register for the first time in the tournament, as it is one of the rare tournaments in which he has not registered, having previously scored in the 2014 World Cup.

Benzema is counting on the good levels he made this season, having scored 30 goals in 46 games he played in all competitions with Real Madrid.

Benzema’s return almost went back to zero, when he was taken out due to injury from the match that ended with the Roosters winning 3-0 against Bulgaria, and he was playing his second match after an absence of five and a half years due to the issue of the sex tape of his former colleague in the “Rooster” Matteo Valbuena.

And coach Didier Deschamps revealed that Benzema suffered “a bruise, he felt severe muscle pain, and there was no reason to take the risk… It’s just a bruise… There are other stronger injuries to the ankle or knee, and in general, we have a medical device at the highest level, we know exactly what.” We must do it.”

He stressed, “We will not need to ask daily, how did Benzema’s condition become? Rather, he will gradually improve. I have no fears.”

He is also with the French national team, Wissam Ben Yedder, who is of Tunisian origin, and plays for Monaco, and has previously participated in 13 matches, scored two goals and made the same.

In turn, the Belgium national team includes Nasser Al-Shadli (31 years old), who is of Moroccan origin, and has previously played 64 matches, scored 8 goals and made 9 others.

The Finland national team includes Yassin Amin, who is with him for the first time in the Euro, and he is from a Moroccan father.


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