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The House of Poetry in Marrakech is organizing a new segment of its program “Theatrical Poets”, an exceptional poetic and artistic moment, during which the father of arts meets poetry, with the participation of poet and theater director Hisham Abdel Wahab, poet and playwright Idris Talbi and artist Mariam Lahlou. The “Theatrical Poets” section constitutes a space for convergence of creative expression, in its finest manifestations, where poetry is mixed with theater and artistic performance. This new paragraph of the House comes within the opening of the fourth phase program (for the fourth season 2020/2021), in a creative continuity that comes in the context of the transition to the attendance meetings.

The House of Poetry in Marrakech, this symbolic space, which brought together Moroccan poets, of different sensitivities and experiences, renews its cultural programming, according to a new perspective that takes into account a broader deliberativeness of poetry among its recipients. In a conscious choice, he makes poetry a central dimension capable of weaving its open dialogue with the arts, and in preserving its own identity. Therefore, the House of Poetry in Marrakech was keen, through paragraphs it launched during its previous seasons (plastic poets, playwrights and storytellers), to consolidate this horizon by hosting poetic voices that were able to weave, through their creative preoccupations, this dimension in the marriage between poetic and performative / artistic.


In “Theatrical Poets”, creative people who paired in their creative experience between poetry and theater meet. Poet and theater director Hisham Abdel Wahab, one of the creative faces from the south of Morocco (Al-Ayoun). After studying literature and communication, the creative Abdel-Wahab turned to theater and video art by establishing first Craig’s studio, then the Prova Association for Professional Visual Arts (Al-Ayoun). He also presented, as a theater director, many theatrical works that culminated in many awards in many festivals.

The poet and playwright Idriss Talbi (Khouribga), participates in a paragraph that suits his aspirations and creative practice, as a zajal, poet, playwright, storyteller, actor and screenwriter. The artist and poet Talbi, who presented the Moroccan audience with a set of artworks, and the artist Talbi went through a cinematic experience. Writer and poet Idris Talbi, who previously held the position of permanent writing head for the African Film Festival Foundation, published a collection of short stories “Between Between”, along with his Zajal Diwan, “Ali Yaqani”.

Artist Maryam Lahlou (Al-Oyoun) presents some of the texts and poems of the poet Hisham Abdel Wahab, from his modern collections of poetry.

“Theatrical Poets” is an exceptional paragraph, during which the styles of poetic and artistic saying are combined within artistic performance templates, where the space of the house becomes an open space and a small theater for artistic poetic performance. It is a paragraph within the programming of the House of Poetry in Marrakech, which has established, through many of its paragraphs (plastic poets, storytelling poets, and playwrights), a dialogic style of poetry with patterns of artistic saying and patterns of performing arts.



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