A Plague Tale Requiem Coming 2022 – Available on Xbox Game Pass on release day


The developer of A Plague Tale announced job applications for an unannounced project last April looking for developers who specialize in animation to work on a secret project, provided they have previous experience working on AA games (such as A Plague Tale Innocence), as everyone expected The second part of the adventure game is currently under development in preparation for the official reveal in the near future, and according to the latest leaks, a second part entitled A Plague Tale Requiem may be revealed at E3 2021.

The new information comes from the leaker PracticalBrush12, the same person responsible for the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2 leaks a while ago, and the same information was confirmed by another source called Deluxera via the ResetEra forums explaining:

I can tell you from my own sources that the A Plague Tale Requiem leaks are true.

According to the leaks, the game will be officially revealed at the Xbox conference at E3 2021 and the launch date is set in 2022, with confirmation that it will be available for Xbox Game Pass on launch day, while the game is also released for PlayStation platforms and Switch through the cloud gaming service.

It is also said that a remastered A Plague Tale Innocence is being worked on and will be included with PlayStation Plus for July on PS5, but there is no official confirmation of this information at this time.

It is noteworthy that sales of A Plague Tale: Innocence exceeded one million copies worldwide last July.


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