A picture that exposes Yara Al-Namla’s relationship with Yasser Al-Faisal


The pioneers of social networking sites revealed the relationship of two separate celebrities, through a similar picture posted on their private accounts.
Followers noticed the similarity between photos posted by two social media starsyara the antوYasser Al-Faisal​, separately while they are in a restaurant.
One of the followers commented on the post, saying: “Focus on the red plate above the text in the two pictures and the same food and the tip of the fork at the top in the picture of Yara and Sayerah on the left in the picture of Yasser.”
It is reported that Yara is one of the most famous Saudi women who worked in the world of makeup and fashion, while Yasser is one of the stars of social networking sites and one of the hidden personalities that circulate information that he is a Saudi national, and he is divorced and has no children.


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