A nutritionist talks about the benefits of adding beans to the daily diet


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A nutritionist spoke about the benefits of all kinds of beans and what happens to the body if they are added to the daily diet, specifying at the same time the appropriate quantities to be eaten permanently.

In an interview with the TV channel “Moscow 24”, I spoke to a specialist Russian nutritionist, Marina Makisha, on the benefit of Inclusion of beans with the daily diet.

“White beans contain the highest amount of dietary fiber, and it has a beneficial effect on the intestines, as it maintains the balance of bacteria, and dietary fiber helps remove toxins. It is also responsible for lowering levels of bad cholesterol,” Makisha said.

Emphasizing at the same time on the daily amount that can be eaten, with a range of 150-200 grams per meal.

“People who suffer from constipation need to eat beans carefully, and consider their individual reaction, because these fibers are very viscous and can aggravate the situation,” the specialist said.

And unlike white beans, red kidney beans are high in protein, which helps strengthen the immune system.

The expert added, “The high content of potassium and magnesium is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system and for the prevention of diseases such as heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks and stroke.”

Black beans also contain A large number Of the B vitamins needed to regulate the nervous system and nerve impulses. There is also a type of bean known as “mung bean”, which contains large amounts of copper, which is necessary to prevent premature graying of hair and the normal blood formation process, and zinc, which is important for the immune system and the production of sex hormones. Finally, the specialist pointed to the role of green beans. in the fight against obesity.


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