A new study reveals a “shocking” surprise about the ability of “aspirin” to reduce deaths in “Corona”


Al-Marsad newspaper: Some people believed that taking aspirin would enhance the chances of surviving the emerging corona virus, but a new study refuted this belief.

This belief is focused specifically on people infected with the Corona virus, whose treatment requires hospitalization and may face blood problems.

And researchers at the British University of Oxford found that the cheap and widely available drug aspirin does not enhance the chances of survival of Corona patients in hospitals. According to “Sky News”

The researchers had hoped to find evidence that aspirin could help corona disease at risk of developing clots in the blood vessels.

But they found that aspirin did not help prevent deaths.

The study concluded that “there is no evidence that aspirin treatment reduces mortality, there is no significant difference between the two groups, as about 17 percent of both groups died in hospital after 28 days of treatment.


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