A new statement from the World Health Organization regarding the elimination of the Corona virus – Covid-19


Today, Sunday, a special envoy of the World Health Organization for confronting the Covid-19 pandemic stressed that eliminating the Corona virus globally is not a logical goal at present.

David Nabarro, a doctor with the organization, told Sky News, “Humanity will have to learn how to live with this virus, prevent it from spreading and then increase its incidence and cause hot spots for the disease.”

“Eliminating the virus is not a logical goal now for the world,” he added, explaining that citizens will have to be able to coexist for the near future.

He indicated that reports of the emergence of a Nepalese strain of the virus are being studied.

“Every time there is a sudden increase in cases of the virus, one comes to the idea that there may be a new strain of the virus. This would not be surprising,” he said.

He added that this will be the “pattern for the future,” explaining, “This virus will not disappear any time soon, and strains will appear for it.”



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