A new statement from Amal Maher… and a special request for her fans that ends with “God, I submit my complaint and God suffices for me.”


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The artist, Amal Maher, sent a message to her fans, on Wednesday, about her current crisis.

Amal Maher said in her letter:

my dear republic
Our Lord alone knows your support for me and your support, its effect on me was a factor in the worst circumstances that came back to me in my life
If I can go to every human being, I thank them myself, I will not be late
May God make you a reason to strengthen me in the weakest moments of my life and the biggest trials of my life…
Our Lord is generous, strong and mighty, and He is the comforter and the humiliator.
I have faith that if the entire universe came together to benefit or harm a person, they would not benefit him or harm him except with what God has written for him..
All that they asked of you is your prayers in your prayers in mosques and churches..
complaining to some one except God is a abase,
And to God only I present my complaint, and from God only I wait for relief, reparation, victory, the reward of patience, and reckoning for all that God knows.
Suffice God, he is the best Lord and the best helper
Oh God, praise be to you for everything. Oh God, praise be to you in adversity before good times.. All your destiny and decree is good, O Lord..
And your love and support will be the greatest and most important gift from God, which He gave me during the greatest ordeal of my entire life.
And any cohesion or hardness I am in is caused by the bond of our Lord, which we will take care of you..
your prayers

Amal Maher had announced her retirement from art on June 2, announcing that this was due to circumstances beyond her control, and this came after she announced the annulment of her engagement within 24 hours, and Amal wrote on her personal page on the social networking site Facebook:

My dear audience, who supported me for years and years and was my constant companion, due to circumstances that are special to me and beyond my control.
I declare that I am completely away from the artistic community and artistic activity, wishing all my fans all the best and happiness in this life, and wishing all the best to all my colleagues.
And if I will come back again or not?
This is a question that knows the answer to the unseen world only.
She added, “All I can think of right now is just staying away, and as for the release of my album, which I had announced, it is postponed indefinitely. I was very excited to present it to you and worked hard, more than ever, but it is God’s will.”

She concluded her speech by thanking the audience, saying: Thank you to everyone who supported me in my artistic journey and in my life, thank you to all the Arab audience from the ocean to the Gulf. I enjoyed you a lot over the years and years and you were the best audience.
And thank you to God Almighty first and foremost.


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