A new feature in the iPhone to adjust your focus!


A new feature in the iPhone to adjust your focus!

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Apple’s new iPhone operating system, iOS 15, is due to be available this fall with a lot of new features, but one of the new features in the developer beta is called Focus, which lets you block out all the noise — notifications from apps and messages that you make. Don’t bother with it – during certain times, then you can catch up on all those notifications later.

This means that you can go about your normal life with the family or watch a movie and read a book without seeing any new notifications on your phone.

At the moment, even in the current Do Not Disturb mode, iPhones still receive notifications and alerts of new messages, and if not all of them are annoying, they lose control of your time, according to CNBC.


Focus, a more comprehensive tool in the new version of the iPhone operating system, is also customizable, giving you complete control over the apps and people who can reach you. With a single click on iPhones with Face ID, just swipe down from the top right of the screen in iOS 15 and tap on a new button called “Focus,” according to Al Arabiya.

For example, you can receive notifications from your spouse or specific people, while others cannot reach you, so even if you grab your phone, you won’t see a notification that you’ve received a text message, alerts, or anything else you’ve deactivated.

Once the i0S 15 is available to everyone, people will be able to message you if they see you’re in focus, which is good for emergencies.

And if you really want to know if you’re missing a lot of potentially important incoming notifications, you can take a peek and see a summary of the notifications you’ve received in focus by swiping down from the top of the screen, but it’s still much less tempting than seeing the pop-up alerts.

The update will be available to everyone in the fall, but a public beta will be released allowing people to try out the new features sometime in July.

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