A new feature in iOS 15 allows you to locate your iPhone even when it is turned off


A new feature in iOS 15 allows you to locate the iPhone even when it is turned off

As expected, Apple held its developer event yesterday, WWDC 2021, and of course, among the most important things that were revealed at the software level in this annual event is the new version of its system for iPhone phones, “iOS 15”, which will come this year with great features. Including a feature that will make stealing iPhones almost impossible.

According to 9to5mac, with iOS 15, your iPhone remains trackable through the Find My network even when the device is turned off. It seems that with iOS 15, the phone doesn’t completely “turn off”, it stays on low power and works like an AirTag, allowing any nearby iOS device to pick up the Bluetooth signal and send its location back, which also means that if If your iPhone runs out of battery during the day, you still have a chance to find its location for several more hours.


In fact, Apple says that location tracking will continue to work while the phone has been reset to factory settings with Activation Lock enabled. The site says, citing Apple, that the user will be alerted to the presence of this new feature through an alert displayed when the iPhone battery is about to expire. run out. Obviously, the feature will be enabled by default, but it will be possible to disable it in the iOS settings.

The new feature may mean the end of the era of iPhone thefts once and for all.


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