A moral scandal haunts the new victory deal, Vincent Abu Bakr


The Cameroonian Vincent Abubakar, the Turkish Besiktas striker, has been embroiled in an ethical scandal that may affect his football future, after he was accused, along with his compatriot Jean-Claude Bilong, defender of Hatay Sport, of manipulating the results.

According to the “BN Sports” network, Besiktas needed to increase the goals in order to resolve the Turkish Super League title conflict at the expense of the direct competitor Galatasaray, and indeed Vincent’s companions succeeded in winning over Hatay Sport, by seven without a response, for the 39th round of the tournament. tournament, last May.

Besiktas won the league title with a single goal difference from Galatasaray, after the two big players were equal in the number of points with 84 points, but the Al-Nour Al-Sawda Club excelled by a single goal, after scoring 89 goals and conceding 44, while their opponent scored 80 goals and conceded 36.

Newly-signed Vincent Abubakar agreed with Bilong to miss the match, in exchange for persuading the Cameroon national team officials to join the Hatay Sport player, a scandal that is currently chasing the Cameroonian duo.
And the report quoted the “Football 365 Africa” ​​website, that Bilong, who has a contract with Hatay until the summer of 2022, has become an outcast in Turkey, and he also received death threats following that scandal.

The president of Hatayspor refused to talk about the details of the controversial incident, after his team lost a heavy result, commenting: “I don’t want a player like this to stay here.

This scandal threatens Vincent Abu Bakr with a final disqualification if the accusation of match-fixing is proven, according to the regulations and laws of the International Football Association, especially after Bilong has already been called up to the Lions team.

Al-Nasr succeeded in obtaining the signature of the Cameroonian top scorer, coming from the ranks of the Turkish Besiktas, in a free transfer deal, and with a contract that extends for 3 years, where the symbol Prince Khaled bin Fahd guaranteed the value of the deal.

The Cameroonian is one of the most prominent African strikers in Europe in the last decade, since he first presented his credentials away from the jungles of the brown continent among the French Valenciennes in the summer of 2010, then moved to Lorient, before moving to the ranks of Porto, who was a witness to the glow The new victory deal, before concluding the European trip at the Turkish Besiktas station.

The victory attack became terrifying next season, in light of the presence of the fiery triangle, with the Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah remaining the world’s top scorer in the past three years, and the inclusion of Taliska from the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande, with a contract that extends for 3 years, and finally Vincent Abubakar, the Cameroonian tank that supported the arsenal of attack “Global”.

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