A mission to prove Iran’s naval power…Two warships in the Atlantic Ocean and Washington is watching


On Thursday, Iranian state television announced that two Iranian warships had reached the Atlantic Ocean, in a move that the United States had talked about a few days ago.Iranian television said that the two ships sailed “on a mission to prove Iran’s naval power,” according to the Associated Press.

And television published a short video clip of the destroyer as it sailed through the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean.The new home-made destroyer “Sahand” and the “Makran” intelligence-gathering ship have arrived in the Atlantic Ocean after they departed.
The port of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran on May 10, according to the Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

The Makran was a former oil tanker that was converted into a floating base with a mobile launch platform for helicopters.

Sayyari said the two ships, now in the North Atlantic, had already made Iran’s longest and most challenging sea voyage and would continue on their way, without elaborating on the route details.”The Navy is working to improve its naval capabilities and prove its ability to withstand the unfavorable seas and weather conditions in the Atlantic Ocean,” Sayyari added.

“The warships will not dock in any port during the mission,” he said.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) had warned a few days ago that Iranian provocations would move from the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean.This warning came, after US media published reports of spotting fast rubber boats on board Iranian tankers heading to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Pentagon confirmed that the danger of these boats has not yet been verified, but stressed that it reserves the right to respond in the event that it poses any threat to the United States.

US officials have talked that the destination of the Iranian ships may be Venezuela, while a report by a Naval Institute said that Venezuela may use Iranian gunboats to disrupt shipping traffic in Panama.

But experts believe that Iran’s ability to make any change in the Atlantic is almost non-existent. Its navy is weak, and it received a severe blow a few days ago when it lost its largest naval vessel.

The ship “Kharj” sank in the Gulf of Oman after it caught fire.

The “Kharj” is a logistical support ship for the Iranian Navy, and it is able to provide supplies at sea for its other ships, which can also lift heavy loads and serve as a launching point for helicopters, as it was a cornerstone of Iran’s ambitions outside the Middle East.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy says in a report that the mullahs’ regime seeks to develop its navy in areas far from Iran’s coast, but in the end, Tehran’s power remains with a limited ability to operate on the high seas.

While the Revolutionary Guards (the ideological army) have hundreds of speed boats, the regular army navy includes six dilapidated frigates, according to the institute, as well as 12 patrol boats equipped with missiles, and a number of small submarines, according to the same institute.


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