A massive explosion of a giant star .. and a video monitors the phenomenon


(MENAFN – Khaberni) News – Scientists in Namibia, in southwest Africa, have monitored a cosmic explosion of “gamma rays”, emitted by a star, located a billion light-years away from Earth.

The explosion was photographed in the constellation Eridanus, using “stereoscopic” technology, which is used to create or enhance depth in images, via stereoscopic vision, and take advantage of the data of the “Swift” and “Fermi” satellites.

According to the scientist at the German Research Center DESY, Silvia Chu, “gamma bursts” are bright flashes observed in the sky, and they are emitted from sources far outside our galaxy.

Silvia added that “gamma explosions”, the largest in the universe, occur when a black hole swallows a fast-spinning giant star.

Scientists estimated that the energy of the explosion spectrum to be in the range of 3.3 TeV, which is equivalent to a trillion energy emitted by photons of visible light, according to the British newspaper, The Independent.

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