A leaked document from the Group of Seven… a request for an investigation into the origin of Corona


With calls for a more in-depth investigation, especially in the scientific community, about Egypt, the epidemic that swept the world more than two years ago, a leaked document revealed that leaders within the Group of Seven summit will demand the World Health Organization to conduct a new and transparent investigation into the origin of Corona.

The draft statement also indicated that the Group of Seven will provide one billion additional doses of the Corona vaccine during the next year to accelerate global protection against the disease

In addition, American and British officials are working, according to what was reported by “Bloomberg” agency today, Thursday, to develop a document that outlines a plan to end the epidemic by December 2022, adding that this document has not yet been completed, but will form the basis for the final stage talks during the Leaders Summit in Cornwall South West England, starting on Friday.

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Wuhan Institute of Virology

The organization is unable to force China

Yesterday, the World Health Organization admitted its inability to force China to cooperate in searching for the origin of the virus.

Mike Ryan, director of the WHO emergency program, said that the organization could not force China to reveal more information about the origins of the virus, but made it clear that it would propose the necessary studies to find out where the virus moved to the next stage.

Last month, US President Joe Biden called on the US intelligence services to prepare a report within 90 days on the origin of the epidemic.

In return, China responded at the time that politicizing the origin of COVID-19 would impede ongoing investigations.

Of the bygones

Of the bygones

Beijing accusations

Its embassy in the United States said on May 26 that it supports “a comprehensive study of all early cases of COVID-19 that have emerged and a thorough investigation of some secret bases and biological laboratories around the world.”

Beijing has long vehemently rejected the theory that COVID-19 could have leaked from one of its laboratories, particularly the Yuhan Institute of Virology, which was indicted by the previous Donald Trump administration.

It is noteworthy that several studies issued during the past year conflicted between the hypothesis of transmission of the virus from animals to humans, and others that indicated its leakage from a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute for Virus Research.

Several parties also accused China of covering up the origin of the virus and of not taking the necessary measures to stop its spread, while some countries said that China did not provide sufficient support and evidence for the World Health Organization investigation team, which visited Wuhan last January.


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