A huge show by Maya Diab .. and “Super Maya” is the surprise of the event


The Lebanese star Maya Diab looks at the audience through a huge show titled «X_plore Super Maya» Exclusively on the Watch platform VIP«Video on demand subscription system under the umbrella »CollectionMBC «, on the evening of Thursday, the tenth of June, at nine o’clock in the evening, Saudi time.

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Maya is expected to present a group of her most beautiful songs in a new and innovative artistic form, in addition to huge decorations, various looks and show links designed by Hadi Awada, after preparations that took about a month with a team of more than 80 professionals.

Maya Diab announced in a special statement to»See VIP «She will be releasing her new song during the concertأغني »sweetest words« In the Egyptian dialect, from the words of Nasser Al-Jail, composed by Mahmoud Khayami, and arranged by Hadi Sharara.

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It is noteworthy that filming the ceremony took about 26 hours in a well-equipped studio in Beirut, and included many poignant situations and funny moments that will be presented to the audience.

The ceremony will also witness the appearance of the “Super Maya” character, which Maya Diab recently revealed through her pages on social networking sites, declaring that “there are surprises related to this character in the future, as her role will not be limited to the party only.”


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