A hero and more than a leader.. The world sings about the lifesaver of Eriksen – (Tweets)


London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: As soon as it was announced that the condition of the Danish midfielder had improved Christian Eriksen And beyond the stage of danger to his life, the football world sang the captain of the national team, Simon Kjaer, after his great role in saving his colleague in time, as well as his exemplary behavior with the ordeal.

Eriksen, 29, broke hearts, by falling terrifyingly on the field, without any contact or participation from a Finnish national team player, in a scene that recalled the disaster of Cameroonian Marc-Vivien Foe, who breathed his last on this planet, while participating against France in the Confederations World Cup. 2003.

For its part, the British newspaper, “Daily Star”, highlighted what the Milan captain did at the moment of Eriksen’s fall and the collapse of the rest of his colleagues, and the beginning was his jogging towards Christian to adjust his position and perform urgent pulmonary resuscitation before the arrival of the medical staff, so as not to swallow his tongue, while it was a major reason After the will of God and the success of the paramedics, to keep his colleague alive.

The hero of the day was not satisfied with saving the life of the former Tottenham player, but also gave a lesson to world leaders in how to act wisely in the darkest circumstances, first by containing Eriksen’s wife, who lost control of her nerves, and documented the transmission lenses of the match, where Kier was seen embracing her to calm her down in Those stressful moments, besides, asked the players to make a shield, to preserve the privacy of their teammate the moment he resuscitated his heart with electricity.

The newspaper stated that Kayer remained with Eriksen and the medical staff in the hospital, and did not leave the place until after checking on his colleague’s safety, to return after that and complete the match that his country lost with a clean goal against his Finnish neighbor, in the opening of the second group matches of Euro 2020, which includes Russia and Belgium.

This is a set of reactions to the good behavior of the captain of the Danish national team in a critical situation.


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