A film festival that revives the Gemmayze Staircase in Beirut


Dozens gathered at the St. Nicholas Staircase in Gemmayzeh district in Beirut on Friday, June 4th, to attend the opening of the third edition of the Cabriolet Film Festival.
The audience watched the films outdoors in Gemayzeh, one of the neighborhoods badly damaged by the explosion of Beirut’s port last year.Sarah Sfeir, one of those who attended the opening, said, “For such a long time we did not go back. We sat with this world (this large number of people). We did not go back, we attended the movie. The explosion is like that you will see everything broken, but in such a small joy (in English), even if Only on one staircase, but you will come back to feel this joy, that the people are in Beirut.”

On six large screens, the audience watched short Lebanese and international films that told stories about freedom, oppression, immigration and other topics under the slogan of this year’s festival, “Exit”.

Lebanon is facing the biggest economic crisis in years, along with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and a huge explosion that killed 200 people and devastated parts of Beirut in August last year.

The festival will be held over three days, until Sunday, June 6, and will screen 56 short films for free.


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