A citizen was badly received in a famous restaurant: I paid double the bill so that no Saudi would be offended


Adel Al-Harbi (echo):

Against the background of a citizen being badly received in one of the famous restaurants in Dubai, the citizen “Mishal Al-Sharif” revealed the details of the incident.

Al-Sharif said during the “Yahla” program: “I went to the famous restaurant, and when my colleagues and I entered, the receptionist was strangely received.

He continued: “When we were asked to be moved to another table, the employee responded in an inappropriate manner, attacking, and then we were moved to another table, and we asked for requests and explained the situation to the restaurant waiter, who in turn went to the manager and explained the situation to him.”

He added: “The waiter was surprised by the reaction of the restaurant manager, who did not move a finger, and the first time the food arrived, I was annoyed by the situation and did not want to eat, as well as my friends did not want to eat.”

And he continued: “One of the workers came and was surprised that we did not start eating, then we asked: Are you Saudis, and if you don’t have money, what do you pay?”

He continued, “The matter irritated me, and although I had a sum of money in dirhams and riyals, I deliberately paid in riyals twice the amount mentioned in the invoice, with the aim of objecting in an elegant manner, and sending a message so that no Saudi would be offended.”

“Sada” had published two days ago about the citizen’s complaint about the aforementioned restaurant, where he objected to the mistreatment by paying twice the required amount without eating food, saying: “The account is 793 and this is 1500 gifts, we did not touch the food and we object to the bad treatment in the restaurant.”


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