A breathtaking video .. the moment a player like Ericsson fell unconscious


A similar situation occurred in the Kazakh Football League, to the one suffered by Danish star Christian Eriksen in his country’s match against Finland, on Saturday, “in Euro 2020”.

In the 20th minute of the “Kayrat Jastar” and “Okjetbis” team meeting, the defender of the host team, Lev Kurgin, fell unconscious on the field, and the players of the two teams and the referee of the arena ran to help him and the members of the medical team intervened to provide emergency first aid to the player.According to the “Sports.kz” website, the 19-year-old was taken to a hospital in Almaty, and the match was stopped for about 10 minutes before it resumed.

Kairat said on its official Facebook page: “Kairat Football Club announces that at the moment nothing threatens the health of Kairat Jastar defender Lev Corgin. Lev felt unwell and fell on the pitch grass, and the club’s medical staff provided all necessary assistance. The ambulance team took the player to the hospital where his condition stabilized. The player is now at the club’s headquarters, under the supervision of doctors. We also want to express our gratitude to everyone for the kind words of support!”


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