A bloody night in Syria… the death toll from the Israeli strikes revealed


The director of the observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman, told AFP that “7 Syrian soldiers and 4 other fighters loyal to the regime affiliated with the National Defense” were killed in the strikes that took place before midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday in a number of areas, including a suburb of Homs.

And the night of Tuesday and Wednesday, I mentioned Syrian News Agency “SANA” that the Syrian air defenses are confronting an “Israeli aggression” in the sky of the capital Damascus.

And she stated: “Our air defenses confronted an Israeli aggression from the direction of Lebanese airspace.”

وقال Syrian opponents The Israeli missiles may have targeted armed factions it supports Iran, while not commenting Israeli army yet on the news.

Some official media had reported that the strikes hit Homs, neighboring Lebanon.

This attack is the first missile strike in a month, as pre-dawn raids targeted the coastal city of Latakia near a Russian air base on the fifth of last May.

Western intelligence sources said that the intensification of Israel Its strikes on Syria since last year are part of a secret war approved by the United States.

The strikes are also part of an anti-Iran policy that in the past two years has undermined its considerable military power Tehran without leading to a significant increase in hostilities.

The intelligence sources said that in the past year, Israel has expanded the scope of its targets across Syria, where thousands of Iranian-backed armed factions have participated in reclaiming much of the territory lost by government forces.


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