A bank robbery .. one day after he was released from detention – miscellaneous


A New York City man robbed a bank a day after he was released from custody for another robbery case.

“Fox News” reported that the New York police arrested, on Thursday, a man named Chi Ngo, on charges of burglary at a branch of a bank, Chase Bank, one day after he was released on parole in connection with another robbery case.

Police sources told “Fox News” that Ngo, aged 52, had robbed on Tuesday a branch of the bank at 10:30 am local time.

The police arrested the suspect shortly after the theft, and charged him with third-degree burglary, possession of illegal weapons and theft tools.

On Wednesday, Judge Herb Moses of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office granted the attorney general’s request to release Ngo and place him on probation.

But by noon on Thursday, Ngo attempted to rob another bank branch on Fifth Avenue near West 44th Street, claiming he had stolen only $100.

Sources told the New York Post that the police arrested the man a few minutes after he left the bank.

Lengo’s trial is scheduled to take place next August, without Fox News being able to obtain any comment from the accused’s lawyer.



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