9,800 jobs await Saudis… Start of localizing accounting professions – Saudi News


The decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to localize accounting professions in private sector institutions that employ 5 or more employees, at a rate of 30%, came into effect yesterday (Friday). The decision aims to provide more than 9800 job opportunities for citizens.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has classified the accounting professions targeted for Emiratisation into 20 types according to the automated coding of professions in the ministry, including professions: director of financial and accounting affairs, director of accounts and budget, director of financial reports department, director of Zakat and Taxes Department, director of internal audit department, director of general administration For Audit, Head of Internal Audit Program, Financial Controller, Internal Auditor, Senior Financial Auditor, General Accountant, Cost Accountant, Auditor, General Accounts Technician, Audit Technician, Cost Accounts Technician, Financial Audit Supervisor, Cost Clerk, Finance Clerk, Book Clerk notebooks.

According to the decision, it is required for Saudi accountants to obtain professional accreditation from the Saudi Organization for Accountants, and for calculating the Saudi accountant, his wages must not be less than 6000 riyals for bachelor’s holders, and 4500 Saudi riyals for diploma holders.


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