936 million dirhams real estate transactions in Dubai today


Real estate transactions in the Dubai Land Department amounted to more than 936 million dirhams. Today, the department witnessed the registration of 326 sales with a value of 676.39 million dirhams, including 22 sales of land with a value of 200.93 million dirhams and 304 sales of apartments and villas with a value of 475.46 million dirhams.

The most important land sales came in the Island 2 area, which witnessed two pledges, worth 88 million dirhams and 30 million dirhams each, followed by a pledge of 14 million dirhams in the gardens of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens area topped the regions in terms of the number of sales, with 4 sales worth 30 million dirhams, followed by the third Nad Al Sheba area with 4 sales worth 11 million dirhams, and the third in Nad Al Sheba the first, with 3 sales worth 8 million dirhams.

As for the most important sales of apartments and villas, it came in the Palm Jumeirah area, which witnessed two pledges, the first at a value of 21 million dirhams, the second with a value of 16 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area, and finally a pledge of 13 million dirhams in the Burj Khalifa area.

The first Warsan region topped the regions in terms of the number of pledges of allegiance to apartments and villas, as it recorded 71 pledges of allegiance worth 68 million dirhams, followed by Al-Markadh area with 47 pledges of 36 million dirhams, and third in the fifth, with 26 pledges of 38 million dirhams.

Mortgages recorded a value of 217.42 million dirhams, including 11 mortgages of land worth 14.94 million dirhams and 54 mortgages of villas and apartments worth 202.48 million dirhams.

As for the donations, 14 donations worth 42.6 million dirhams were registered, the most important of which were in the Business Bay area with a value of 19 million dirhams, and another in the Dubai Marina with a value of 8 million dirhams.


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