89% of Saudi factories’ contribution to pharmaceutical purchase orders


The subsidiary company of the Public Investment Fund, the National Unified Purchase of Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Medical Supplies, Nupco, has managed competitions and awarded good offers with more than 56 billion riyals. The company succeeded in awarding offers for medical items worth about 6 billion riyals, in cooperation with its partners in 40 countries around the world.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, the company’s chief operating officer, Fahd Al-Bathi, said that the health sector in the Kingdom has priority, and it is in the first three places in spending in the Kingdom.

He pointed out that the budgets of medicines and medical supplies exceed 15 billion riyals and reach 20 billion annually.

He explained that during the coming period, there will be an expansion in spending on medicines and medical supplies, while raising the efficiency of spending.

During the past three years, the company played a major role in raising the efficiency of spending, whether through obtaining the best prices, direct dealing with factories and unified purchasing, so that there would be no significant impact on the expansion of the health sectors on the budget, according to Al-Buthi.

He pointed out that the local industry does not exceed 30% of the health sector’s needs in terms of medicines and supplies, explaining that the local industry is concentrated in the pharmaceutical and medical supplies sectors, but there are still attempts by some companies to transfer technology to the Kingdom in the medical devices sector.

He stated that one of Nupco’s goals is to raise the local content in its dealings, noting that the percentage of local factories’ participation in the company’s purchase orders reaches 89%.


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