8.3 billion riyals consumer spending through points of sale in Saudi Arabia within a week


Consumer spending through points of sale in Saudi Arabia during the past week ending on June 19 of this month decreased by about 6.6 percent, compared to the previous week ending on June 12.

According to the monitoring unit of the reports in Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper based on data from the Saudi Central Bank “SAMA”, consumer spending during the week ending on June 19 amounted to about 8.3 billion riyals, compared to about 8.9 billion riyals for the previous week, and a difference of 587.2 million riyals.

Regarding the performance of the sectors compared to the previous week, sales of most sectors declined, except for the “jewelry” sector, where the sector’s sales grew by 3 percent to reach 232.4 million riyals.

While the declines were led by the “education” and “communication” sectors, with a decrease of 10.5 percent for each, to reach about 51.3-85 million riyals, respectively.

Followed by the “fuel stations” sector, which recorded the first decline after three weeks of continuous growth, to record sales of 507.8 million riyals, a decrease of 9.1 percent.

As for the sectors that spend the most in terms of percentage, we find the sales of the “food and beverages” sector, which constitute 14.8 percent of the total sales of point-of-sale devices, which is equivalent to 1.23 billion riyals, while we find that the sector’s sales fell by 8 percent to continue the decline for the third week in a row.

Then came the sales of the “restaurants and cafes” sector, which constituted 14.1 percent, or the equivalent of 1.17 billion riyals, as the sector recorded a decline in its sales by 8.2 percent.

At the level of cities, spending in the capital, Riyadh, decreased by 5.6 percent to reach 2.58 billion riyals, which constitutes 31.1 percent of the total sales of points of sale, while spending in the city of Jeddah amounted to about 1.3 billion riyals and about 434 million riyals in the city of Dammam.

In addition, the number of operations executed through point of sale devices decreased by 5.6 percent during the past week, to reach about 94.78 million operations for all sectors, compared to about 100.4 million operations for the previous week, bringing the average of one operation to about 87.5 riyals.

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