6 signs that you are in a one-sided love relationship


(MENAFN – Khaberni) Tell me – One-sided love is that emotional feeling and attachment to a person in whom you do not have any feelings, and love may fall from one side to a man or a woman, but women are affected by these feelings more, because they consider love a very important issue in their life. .

What are the signs that you are in a one-sided love relationship?

1- I’m not on his priority list.

Do not allow anyone in your life not to be on his priority list, this will constantly drain your energy and the man will not pay any attention to you, because he is always sure of your loyalty to him and that you will be by his side, so if you only find this sign you must end the relationship immediately.

2- I’m not sure how he really feels about you.

Are you still thinking about how a person really feels about you in a romantic relationship? So know that it is one of the signs that you are in a one-sided relationship, because your partner has not been able to give you the right feeling of love and therefore this makes you constantly hesitant about the reality of his feelings for you.

3- Uses I instead of we:

He deals that he is the person responsible and the main driver of this relationship, but in the end you must know that the emotional relationship is a partnership and you must communicate constantly.

4- You don’t feel comfortable talking to him.

Each of us has his own sensor, so the lack of mutual feelings with the partner, makes you uncomfortable while talking to him, so this feeling is considered a sign of one-sided love.

5- You are the only one who gives attention and love.

You should know that in any normal emotional relationship, love and attention must be mutual, and the party must make a great effort for the success of the relationship and maintaining its continuity, but if you find that you are the party who makes the most effort in this relationship, you must re-evaluate it again because it will not succeed in this method.

6- You feel that you are not enough

You may question your value to the person or in the emotional relationship, even if you make a great effort to please him, and you feel that you are not enough, whether in terms of appearance, personality, or way of thinking.

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